WebWatch - Site Monitoring

The first and most comprehensive monitoring service developed in Brazil.
If your business relies on critical online Internet applications, then you need WebWatch external monitoring service.

A site monitoring service is one of the most important controls described in ISO/IEC 27002:2013 to insure the maximum environment reliability. And WebWatch is one of the best services provided to give you this control.
WebWatch was developed by 3Elos, one of the leaders in Brazil in the Information Security solutions.

Using sophisticated algorithms to validate information, Webwatch monitors your site periodically, detecting changes and notifying you immediatly if any problems occur.

WebWatch monitors the integrity and availability of your site from outside by simulating the end-user actions.


Insure maximum site uptime.


Protect your web investment with 24x7 site monitoring from WebWatch.


Get notified anytime your site goes down.


Stop losing business.


Protect your image.


Monitor sites from your area of interesting.


Improve customer service and manage
their Service Level Agreement (SLAs).


Monitor and protect your online business.

Don’t wait! Join many users who have come to depend on WebWatch as their site monitoring service.
It’s very easy to use WebWatch.

All you have to do is choose the service plan which best fits your Business goals. When you enroll, enter the site address you want monitored and configure the notifications preferences.

That’s it! You are now ready to be notified immediately if any problem occurs with your site.
Enroll WebWatch monitoring service
Create sites and objects you want monitored
WebWatch verifies the site
If any problem occurs with the site WebWatch sends an alert to you
You can view, online, the history report of all verifications
You don’t need to install any product in your site. WebWatch is running in our servers, hosted in a Datacenter, monitoring many sites around the world.
Key Features
Below are the main WebWatch features:

Services provided

Monitoring, detecting and alerting of availability and integrity of your site.

Free Trial

30 day free trial with no obligation.

Web Interface

Provides an easy-to-use web interface.


Private web site to configure your account and view site status.

Rapid deployment

You don't need to install any software in your site. Our monitoring servers are outside your network.

Robust System

You can monitor an unlimited number of sites and objects with only one account.

Flexible monitoring schedule

24x7 site monitoring with configurable intervals.

Many protocols supported

Support of many protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, LDAP, GOPHER and DICT.

Multiple locations

Monitors sites hosted internally, by an ISP or an IDC.

Application monitoring

Monitors objects developed in any language or application.

Multiple contacts

Multiple users can be notified.


Alerts you when your site goes down, your object is not available, is deleted or changed.

Email, pager and mobile phone notifications

Use e-mail gateways to send notifications worldwide to email and other devices such as cell-phones, alpha pagers or SMS phones.

Extensive online reporting

We let you know exactly what failed on your site, not just a generic failure message.


Very competitive pricing, with a variety of payment plans.


Available in English or Portuguese.

External service

The system works outside your company's infrastructure, detecting imperfections that only external users would have possibility to discover. Any imperfection in the internal infrastructure of the company does not affect the functioning of the service.

Billing for cost center

It allows to divide the service value in some cost centers, in accordance to the configuration established for each site.


Local support, in Portuguese, explaining how the service works and helping with its configuration.


Yahoo! Widget so that you can check your site verification status

Don’t wait! Join many users who have come to depend on WebWatch as their site monitoring service.
Options & Prices
Here you will find detailed information on options, pricing and payment methods.
When you log in, you can see all of your invoices online.

Free Trial

In this option, you have a 30-day
WebWatch service, for free. It includes:

Unlimited number of notifications via email
Notifications to SMS enabled devices
LIMITED number of sites and objects
Monitoring frequency from 4 to 24 hours


Pricing in this option is based on the amount of sites and objects registered, and the frequency of monitoring service. There is no setup or configuration fee. This option includes:

Unlimited number of notifications via email
Notifications to SMS enabled devices
There is no limit of number of sites and objects
Monitoring frequency from 5 minutes to 24 hours

In this method, WebWatch is charged at the beginning of next month for the delivered service in the previous month.

We have a special discount for cumulative sites and small companies.


If you need any customization in WebWatch service or want to combine WebWatch with others services, please, contact us.

Payment methods

Payment information must be entered online in order to generate the invoices electronically and sent it to you by email.
We can develop other options and payment methods to best fit your needs.
Please, contact us.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any doubt that is not answered here, feel free to contact us.
Yes! You can use one of the following banners to indicate that WebWatch is monitoring your site. Include the code below the banner you chose in your page to show it.
WebWatch remotly monitors you site during 24 hours, 7 days a week, in configurable intervals, sending alerts to your email or SMS enabled appliance if the availability ou integrity of any page is tampered.
No! WebWatch works outside your network, simulating a customer access to your internet devices. WebWatch does not require you to install any software nor open additional ports on your firewall.
Se o seu Provedor não monitorar seu site externamente, ele pode não descobrir os problemas que seus clientes estão tendo ao acessar seu site. Muitos fatores podem impactar o seu site, resultando em perdas financeiras e de credibilidade, incluindo:
  • Router and server failures
  • Service interruptions
  • Congestion on an ISP network
  • Firewall problems
  • Denial of Service attacks
  • Software bugs
  • Server degradation
The sooner a site availability or integrity problem is recognized, the sooner it can be fixed.
Yes! WebWatch can detect changes to your web site’s pages and/or to the size of files. If anything that we are monitoring has been tampered with we will let you know immediately.
No! WebWatch uses the Internet to reach your network.
The WebWatch service is available via online subscription at this site. The User Registration Process will prompt you to enter your contact and site information. Simply login to your account and setup the sites you want to have monitored and the contacts you wish to receive alerts. Contact us if you need assistance subscribing or setting up your account.
The cost depends on how many sites you are monitoring, the frequency you are monitoring them on, and the payment method you choose. You will access these information when you logged on.
Please, take a look at our prices and payment options here.

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